Zodiac Sign With The Biggest Homebody

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Sagittarius is one of the most outgoing and adventurous zodiac signs, yet they're surprisingly committed to defending their house and things.


Independent Aries. They appreciate being left alone because they can occupy themselves. They won't hesitate to visit a museum or concert alone.


Perfectionist Virgos often find life exhausting. They feel no one can do as good as them, thus they enjoy being alone.

Virgo appreciates a comfortable, clean atmosphere to be their naturally analytical self.

Disorganization drives people nuts, she says. They'll notice your dust, yet their home is clean.


Aquarians are alone. They may spend hours online studying and never miss human company (except maybe to tell someone else what they learned).


Thomas adds that Neptune and Jupiter control Pisces. They love resting with at-home spa treatments or a nice book and hot tea.


Cancer is a "homebody sign," says Evans. They thrive on loving others. When someone is unwell, family members make chicken soup.

A friend's birthday means a dinner party. They adore staying home and create personal sanctums.

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