Worst Times
To Drink Coffee

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After noon

As in literally after 12 p.m. Although it might seem like mid-morning, coffee after 12 p.m. can seriously interfere with your sleep schedule.

One way to circumvent this issue, for lovers of the 3 p.m. coffee: try subbing your hot morning coffee for cold brew.

When you've already had 2 cups

Everything in moderation" applies to coffee as well. You can eat a lot without overindulging. After 2-3 glasses, it might be dehydrating.

When you haven't eaten anything else

Because coffee is acidic, consuming it on an empty stomach might be uncomfortable. Acidity can cause heartburn, reflux, digestive difficulties, and upset stomachs.

Stomach ache can be avoided. Organic non-GMO beans have the lowest toxic burden and maximum antioxidant content. Taking coffee with milk reduces acidity.

When your cholesterol levels are high

If you struggle with high cholesterol, you do not need to cut coffee out of your life. But, you may want to consider how you drink it.

On a daily basis

Coffee may become an addiction for frequent consumers. Any daily intake pause.

Stimulants like coffee affect energy levels, therefore I encourage moderation. They achieve this by boosting hormones and neurotransmitters that affect energy.

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