Worst Side Effect of Eating Steak

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Nothing beats steak for a celebration or a substantial lunch. You've probably heard that you shouldn't eat these meals too often, yet they're delicious.

Steak's saturated fat concentration contributes to cholesterol rises. These lipids are steak's worst negative effect.

Eating steak harms your heart. Steak's saturated fat content raises 'bad' LDL cholesterol. This increases the risk of heart disease, the biggest US killer.

Steak's saturated fat and cholesterol are health risks. In excess, they raise the risk of heart disease.

Steak every day may not be the ideal choice for a high-saturated fat and cholesterol diet.

Dieters may have a difficult time indulging in a steak, but it doesn't mean they should exclude meat from their diet.

It may be hard to give up steak because it's so tasty. Cutting steak fat may make a difference. Less SFA, less inflammation. Lean meat is ideal. Too much of a good thing applies here.

The AHA suggests cutting your steak and choosing a low-saturated-fat cut. Look for steaks with round, loin, or sirloin on the box for the leanest meat, and eat two or three ounces at a time.

You may seek steak fat or the ideal cut with just the right amount of marbling. In these instances, eat with a friend.

A normal restaurant steak includes several days' worth of protein, exacerbating the problem. Better health comes from sharing. Or fish.

After reading this, you should feel secure cooking your favourite steak or ordering one at a restaurant.

With practise, you can choose the best steak cuts for your diet with minimal negative effects.

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