Worst Oatmeal Habits For Weight Loss

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Eating it plain

Oatmeal is a healthful carbohydrate with lots of fibre, but eating it plain isn't very balanced.

Oatmeal is low in calories and has little to no protein or fat, so you may be hungry quickly after eating it, leading to unhealthy snacking.

Adding fibre and protein to oatmeal increases satiety and prevents a blood sugar surge.

Adding too much sugar

Adding maple syrup, honey, or brown sugar to oatmeal may be tasty, but it can add up quickly.

Adding sugar to oatmeal can raise your blood sugar, causing your body to crave sweets all day. Add fresh berries for natural sugar and healthful antioxidants.

Putting too many toppings into your oatmeal

You may top oatmeal with fruit, nuts, or almond butter. If you're dieting, restrict your toppings.

Too many toppings might add calories, so stick to those that aid with weight reduction, such protein, fruits, and fibre.

Not adding enough protein

Protein helps suppress the hunger hormone and enhances satiety hormones, making you feel fuller longer and reducing appetite.

Add protein-rich toppings like almonds or protein powder, or have eggs or turkey sausage for breakfast.

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