Worst Cardio Habits That Aging You Faster

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You're going hard every time

High-intensity aerobics can help you lose weight by "getting the heart rate and blood moving," but it can also strain your body.

Running a car at 100 mph may seem fun, but it will lead to faster breakdown of critical parts and more injuries.

You're doing too much lower-body cardio

Cardio includes running, stair climbing, and treadmilling. These exercises tone muscle. Overtraining the lower body may weaken the upper.

Don't neglect your upper body! Look for "upper body exercises to raise your heart rate." Battle ropes are great for upper-body cardio training.

You're harming your joints with high-impact cardio

Having aching joints or dealing with joint discomfort often makes you feel older.

Indulging in too much of the wrong sort of exercise might injure your joints. Low-impact exercise can be equally as effective as high-impact cardio, but it's easier on the joints.

You're not wearing sun protection when doing outdoor cardio

Wagener thinks running outside is one of the finest cardio workouts because of the health advantages and enjoyment.

Sun damages skin. Too much sun exposure can cause premature ageing, wrinkles, sunburn, and skin cancer.

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