Woman found over $500 in her KFC sandwich

Georgia woman found $543.10 under her KFC sandwich after the establishment lost its daily deposit.

JoAnn Oliver phoned the police after finding cash at KFC and returned it to the eatery, authorities said.

"Mrs. Oliver had a drive-through lunch and ate it at work. She found $543.10 under her sandwich when she opened her lunch "Facebook stated department.

The restaurant's daily deposit was in her sandwich bag, authorities added.

The department announced on Facebook that Mrs. Oliver saved the manager's job. Mrs. Oliver, thank you for reminding us that Jackson has excellent citizens.

KFC offered Oliver a free meal and reimbursed her lunch, WSB-TV said.

Oliver said her family could have used the money since her husband has cancer and $2 million in medical expenditures.

Oliver debated retaining part of the money "for a second" but phoned the police instead.

Oliver remarked, "Doing the wrong thing will come back on you." "Not mine Not needed. Mine is coming."

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