What’s New at Trader Joe’s in October?

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1. Organic Vegetarian Chili

Don't underestimate this plant-based marvel. Sunflower seed protein and red beans make it as fulfilling as meat. Avocado, cilantro, and tortilla chips.

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissants

Your new PSL BFF. All-butter croissant dough is drool-worthy on its own, but it's revelatory when filled with cream cheese and pumpkin pastry cream.

3. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread

Spreadable TJ's delicious, creamy cheddar cheese. Spread over rosemary crackers, fill puff pastry dough, or serve as a charcuterie board centrepiece.

4. Pumpkin Chipotle Roasting Sauce

Chipotle chiles in adobo pair well with pumpkin. Whether you're roasting peppers, cauliflower, or chicken for tacos, the flavours deepen and caramelise.

5. Salted Maple Ice Cream

This maple-syrup-and-sea-salt-flavored fall treat demands a drizzle of warm caramel or TJ's Just the Clusters Maple Pecan Granola.

6. Smoked Paprika

This robust flavour comes from a Valencian supplier that's worked with paprika since 1945. Sprinkle it on paella, shrimp, corn, potatoes, etc.

7. Stripey Joe

Another incentive to shop TJ's for cheese. Cheshire, cheddar, double Gloucester, and red Leicester alternate in this multicoloured block.

8. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

Rejoice, wheat-free diners! Instead of AP flour, these handhelds use white and brown rice flours, maize starch, and tapioca starch. Brown sugar-oat topping?

9. Caramel Apple Dipping Kit

Your kids are already excited. The package includes caramel, dry-roasted peanuts, fall-colored sprinkles, and sticks; just add apples (and cider).

10. White Bean Chicken Chili Soup

This heat-and-eat soup is comforting, filling, and tasty. Straight from the bowl, over baked potatoes, or with crusty toast. Just add sour cream.

11. Pumpkin Spiced Joe-Joe's Sandwich Cookies

This 2022 favourite is updated. These pumpkin-flavored sandwich cookies are coated in spiced yoghurt and garnished with sea salt.

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