Wendy's Takes Key Item Off Its Menu

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Wendy's across the Midwest has removed romaine lettuce for now. The restaurant is linked to dozens of E. coli cases. Wendy's website posted a statement on Aug. 

The business is collaborating with the CDC throughout its E. coli outbreak investigation.

Wendy's has discarded romaine lettuce in these states as a precaution. Wendy's says its lettuce isn't affected by the epidemic.

Wendy's replaced romaine lettuce where available. Wendy's hasn't shuttered any stores or ceased serving guests, and all menu items are still available.

Wendy's has not commented on changing its food preparation and safety methods to prevent future contamination. 

Currently, the CDC does not recommend avoiding any meals or establishments. The CDC said the outbreak's dietary source is unclear.

On Aug. 19, the CDC released a report detailing impacted states, including Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and perhaps Indiana.

Five persons were reported sick in Indiana and Pennsylvania, 15 in Michigan, and 20 in Ohio.

It takes a few weeks to confirm if a sickness is tied to an outbreak, so the numbers might vary. Six persons reported sickness on July 31 and August 1.

After ingesting infected food, symptoms appear 1-10 days later. Dry lips, dry throat, and fainting are indications of dehydration. 

Other symptoms include cramps, vomiting so much that drinks can't be held down, bloody or not bloody diarrhoea lasting more than three days, and a temperature above 102 degrees.

Most instances are minor and people recover, although youngsters and the elderly are especially vulnerable. E. coli can cause serious disease and death. Rest and water usually cure E. coli in a week.

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