Wendy's Memo Reveals Big Menu Launch

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Wendy's returned its Pretzel Bacon Pub line this summer. Wendy's has new autumn menu options, too.

According to a Reddit memo, the burger restaurant will launch an Italian Chicken Mozzarella Sandwich, Cheeseburger, and Garlic Fries on November 15.

The sandwiches were tested in Columbus, Ohio in early 2022 and received fantastic reviews.

While sandwich pricing aren't indicated, Garlic Fries will be $2-3 more than Wendy's usual fries.

One user said, "IF the garlic fries are ordinary fries with garlic... Delicious! Wendy's fries rock..." "Finally something excellent," wrote another.

One commenter was suspicious of the taste mix: "This sounds like BK's Italian Chicken, but probably better since BK is crap save for Whoppers.

I can't image these tastes matching a burger, but maybe someone enjoys tomato-sauced beef?"

 The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Biscuit will be discontinued "about the same time" as the Italian Mozzarella pair, according to the memo.

Hot Honey goods will be in shops while supplies last, but they will be unavailable online on November 14.

Wendy's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Biscuit were removed a month following reports of the sauce's demise.

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