Wendy's Is Getting a New Look

Wendy's growth ambitions are changing. Instead of expanding its ghost kitchens, the chain is focusing on its traditional restaurants and streamlining design.

The corporation will redesign all new restaurants. The Global Next Gen prototype will include improved technologies and easier order pickup.

New pick-up windows for drivers and pick-up shelves for mobile orders will be added (with designated customer parking to boot.)

The entire restaurant will be streamlined for greater efficiency, including the front-to-back galley-style kitchen.

In spring 2023, New Albany, Ohio will have the first restaurant with the new design.

Since the epidemic, customers prefer mobile ordering and drive-thrus. From February 2020 to 2022, drive-thru traffic climbed 20%.

To accelerate our business and grow our global footprint, we must continuously meet our customers' demands, whether online or in the drive-thru.

Wendy's has backed out of a 2021 ghost kitchen arrangement with Reef.

The business will open 100 to 150 of the 700 ghost kitchen units planned for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Most of the cutback affects the domestic market.

Other chains are making more major modifications than Wendy's as it streamlines its iconic design. Krystal's new drive-thru-only restaurant has no seats.

Taco Bell's latest eatery incorporates vertical food lifts and crew video chatting.

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