Wendy's Brand-New Frosty Flavor Just Leaked

While it's impossible to resist a Frosty in its original chocolate form, uncommon versions have captured Wendy's fans' hearts, too.

Some customers prefer the vanilla Frosty, while the limited-edition strawberry variant is popular. The holidays will bring a new Frosty flavour.

According to a Reddit thread, some customers prefer the vanilla Frosty, and the limited-edition strawberry version has a large following base.

 Now, a new Frosty taste is supposed to be added in time for the holidays. Wendy's latest rumour has us ready to forego fall for winter.

Reddit user and apparent Wendy's employee u/Own-Permission3956 posted on September 26 that the company will serve peppermint Frosties this year.

The Redditor said the seasonal flavour will be released in November, but Markie Devo gave a particular date.

"New Peppermint Frosty will enter stores nationally on November 15," he posted on Instagram on September 28.

The upload also includes a bright pink Frosty ad, hinting the future minty delight will have a vanilla foundation. The image may have also exposed the drinks' red-and-white striped cups.

Wendy's hasn't confirmed the peppermint Frosty reports as of this writing. Foodies are eager about what's to come.

Instagram user: "This is going to be soo wonderful!!" Another said, "Can't wait to taste it." On Reddit, someone asked when vanilla Frosty would return from hiatus. "Early 2023," they said.

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