Following the uproar around abortion, Vice President Harris phoned Dr. Caitlin Bernard

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who was thrust into the public eye after a ten-year-old rape victim from Ohio underwent a medically-induced abortion in Indiana earlier this month, received a call from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Bernard was contacted because of the recent publicity surrounding the case.

According to the records from Indiana, Bernard was the physician who performed the abortion on the 10-year-old girl on June 30.

However, she is unable to corroborate this information due to privacy rules in the state.

According to Bernard, she was at work when Harris gave her a call.

"She did just thank me for everything. 

According to what Bernard said on "CBS Evening News," the woman thanked him for bringing attention to the problem & for speaking out "Norah O'Donnell served as the anchor & managing editor on Tuesday. 

"She talked about how essential it is to hear the views of physicians, & once again.

How what has been transformed into a political scenario is actually about health care, & how vital it is for physicians to be advocates for their patients."

An official with the White House told CBS News that Harris praised the Indiana OB-GYN on the phone on July 19 for her "courage, professionalism, & dedication to her patients." 

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