Trader Joe's Abruptly Closes This Popular Store

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Trader Joe's is loved by many. Low pricing, store brand products, cheese variety, and inexpensive flowers. The chain's wine has a cult following.

Union Square residents were astonished to see Trader Joe's Wine Store shuttered Thursday. The business was permanently closed owing to city difficulties, according to a window note.

We've operated our Union Square Wine Shop for almost 15 years, and we appreciate your support. We need to find a new site to maximise our one and only New York wine licence.

The wine shop was next to a still-open Trader Joe's. The state's lone Trader Joe's wine store was a speciality business.

Many New Yorkers went there for cheap wine. Unfortunately for Trader Joe's, the city's alcohol sales rule is tough, especially for big companies, since it favours small businesses.

State law prohibits food shops from selling alcohol, and chain liquor stores are forbidden in the city.

An employee of the wine store told Reddit that the shutdown may have been due to a difficult relationship with its landlord, NYU.

A Trader Joe's wine store will reopen, according to the employee and other evidence.

On the letter, the firm claimed it will pay its staff through the end of the month and offer them an opportunity to relocate to the new store.

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