Tomato Shortage Make Pizza, Sauce, and Salsa Expensive

Some California farmers can't produce enough tomatoes to meet market demand. Americans may soon feel the pitch with their favourite foods.

California leads the world in canned tomato production, supplying staples like pizza, salsa, and pasta sauce.

 During one of the worst droughts in over a thousand years, that crop has been drying up.

Need rain! We're out of inventory to meet market demand. Growing tomatoes right now is difficult.

Processing tomatoes are grown in California and utilised for sauces, pastes, and soups because they're not juicy and durable.

Due to regulatory limitations limiting groundwater and the high cost of labour, fuel, and fertiliser, tomato prices have soared in recent years, forcing yields to drop.

California's tomato output has declined from 14 million tonnes to 11 million in 2021. The problem is largely due to the region's drought.

This year, there aren't enough processing tomato acres to meet demand. Water is expensive or unavailable.

Tomato paste has risen 80% for shops since last year, and those who haven't secured their supply will not find it—no matter the cost.

This relationship will break down if frozen pizzas, pasta sauce, and other staples become too expensive for the common customer.

Pizza and pasta may have alternatives. It may be challenging when 43% of Americans eat pie weekly. Lack of weekday dinners may drive them to sell.

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