The Worst Coffee Habits For A Flat Belly

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Adding sugar

Sugar diminishes coffee's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Overly-sweetened coffee is inflammatory, and the nutritional disadvantages exceed any caffeine benefits.

Adding other "fancy ingredients"

If you're devoted to the frap life (say, the funnel cake Allstar is screaming your name), that's OK, but coffee won't give you a flat stomach.

Lattes and mochas have significant sugar content and might surpass your daily calorie allowance. High sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate syrups are belly-busters.

Adding creamer

Coffee is rarely served without milk and sugar in the manner we drink it. As sugar can interfere with your abs, so can creamers.

Adding high-calorie and fat-laden creamers to your morning coffee ups the risk that you'll gain weight.

Only drinking sweetened/flavored coffee

The more sweetened and flavoured coffee you drink, the more you'll like its flavour. 

Sweet and flavoured coffee is the worst for weight reduction and a flat abdomen.

If you can't drink coffee without taste or sugar, you may ruin your kitchen and gym efforts.

Pairing coffee with dessert

This classic dessert combination is unhealthy. Allowing your brain to link coffee with sugary treats might be harmful to your goal of a flat tummy.

Pairing coffee with a pastry or dessert sometimes won't ruin your flat tummy, but doing it often will.

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