The Two Zodiac Signs Who Nail Halloween

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Heidi Klum is Halloween's Mariah Carey. The holiday wouldn't be the same without the German supermodel's extravagant outfit and yearly Halloween event.

Her enthusiasm for an over-the-top Halloween costume is in tune with the Gemini's joyful and youthful attitude.

Expect the Gemini in your life to be similarly involved in Halloween, with their wit on full show (don't be shocked to see punny costumes—French Kiss or Anna Winter, anyone?).

Gemini has last-minute deals. These inventive queens can turn your wardrobe into a DIY showstopper in no time.


Aquarians, like Geminis, love Halloween. Aquarians are amazing at thinking outside the box and have probably been constructing their Halloween costume since August.

Expect them to dress like Sadness from Inside Out, La Croix, or a fried egg.

 These unique water carriers have over-the-top outfits and avant-garde decorations.

Pandemic or not, these air indicators may feature themed candy bags instead of a bowl for trick-or-treaters, a Halloween tree in the living room, and a haunted-house-like front porch.

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