The Most Suited Zodiac Signs With Leo

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12. Leo and Scorpio

Leos (sun-ruled) need attention, but Scorpios don't. A jealous Scorpio would memorise the Leo's flirt's face for online monitoring as the Leo remains after a party.

11. Leo and Pisces

Pisces are intuitive and sensitive to the world's vibrations (no surprise if they identify as empaths). Leos are realistic and crave companionship.

10. Leo and Cancer

Cancers like robust personalities, especially those as attractive as Leo's, but they need emotional depth to trust a spouse. Leos often lack Cancer's sensitivity.

9. Leo and Taurus

Bulls and lions enjoy luxury. Leos like fine items to draw attention, whereas Taureans love them. Leos are open in relationships.

8. Leo and Capricorn

Capricorns must remember that working hard means playing hard, while Leos must appreciate the work ethic required to rest.

7. Leo and Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists who go the extra mile for their partners. Leos will brag about how talented, bright, amazing, beautiful, and supportive they are.

6. Leo and Aquarius

They both adore ideas, but Aquarius may be too cold for Leo. Aquarians and Leos appreciate a good political argument. Egos may collide when they're both right.

5. Leo and Libra

Libra and Leo share good taste. They appreciate beauty. Not only spending money, but enjoying art, beauty, and luxury.

4. Leo and Leo

Loyal Leos. Only they realise how much affection they have. This duo complements one another. Leos like to see beneath Instagram selfies.

3. Leo and Aries

As fire signs, Aries and Leo respect each other's ambition. Expect 72 hours of cryptic texting before a second date. Leos don't like Aries' subtlety.

2. Leo and Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Leo spark. They're like lively golden retrievers. That means park tickle fights, horseback riding, boxing, hot yoga, and lots of sex.

1. Leo and Gemini

This is bold, as zodiac compatibility is generally based on element. Gemini and Leo work well together. Smart and flirty, Geminis. They let others lead.

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