The Clumsiest Zodiac Sign

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Aries aren't normally seen as clumsy, yet their impulsiveness might come off as clumsiness. When Aries moves too quickly, things break.


Cancers are sensitive and nurturing, making them great companions. Acting on impulse and emotion might lead to clumsiness.

They're often daydreaming or nostalgic, so they accidently bump into people or things.


This water symbol lives in fantasy. They're not uncoordinated; they just have trouble focusing. They trip over themselves with their heads in the clouds.


Libras are well-balanced as persons, but not always as balancers. This sign can be so distracted by wanting to do and say the correct thing that they can trip or stumble.


Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign like Cancer and Pisces. Aquarius energy is called the space cadet because they're often in their own heads.


Geminis are clumsy because they have too much on their minds, whether it's their social calendar or a new pastime

They're scatterbrained and unorganised, leading to poor coordination. But their enthusiasm can backfire.

Most Sympathetic Zodiac Sign

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