The Best Sandwich for Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Breakfast Sandwich

Mars rules you, so you want to get things done early. Perfect sandwiches are satisfying, tasty, and portable. A classic breakfast sandwich will fuel you for the day.

Taurus: French Dip

A classic French dip sandwich is delectable and decadent, just like you, Taurus.

Gemini: Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches fill you up without slowing down your mingling. These scrumptious finger meals are portable and come in a range of flavours.

Cancer: Grilled Cheese

A familiar grilled cheese with tomato soup will make you feel at home. Just curl up and watch a movie.

Leo: Croque-Madame

As a wealthy and expressive zodiac sign, you need an elegant lunch. Croque-Madame, a spicy French bistro staple, will turn heads like you, Leo.

Virgo: Sandwich Wrap

You're a reliable friend. A wrap is reliable and well-packaged. You'll get your favourite sandwich in a wrap. You deserve it.

Libra: Muffuletta

You want something traditional yet unusual. A muffuletta is a homestyle staple with nuanced savoury overtones.

Scorpio: Club Sandwich

Hidden tastes in a club sandwich reflect your personality. As you get sweeter, so does a club sandwich.

Sagittarius: Bánh Mì

As a fire sign, you want passion and thrills. Vietnamese bánh m sandwiches are great for tantalising your taste buds.

Capricorn: Steak Sandwich

You want a simple sandwich to pamper yourself after a long day at work. A toasted steak sandwich is a great way to get your money's worth.

Aquarius: Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches are the best sandwich, even though they're not lunch. Aquarius, this summertime treat embodies your unique energy and is likely to make anybody grin.

Pisces: PB&J

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a flashback to your childhood, but it can be updated with bacon, banana, and honey. As life changes, your favourite sandwich won't.

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