The 5 Worst Drinks to Order After 65

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1. Stiff drinks

Alcohol can make elders feel 'high,' increasing their risk of accidents, especially if they have mobility limitations.

Alcohol and drugs pose a concern for many elderly. Such a combination can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, sleepiness, and liver damage.

2. Brandy

Older people should avoid brandy. Brandy creates the worst hangovers for persons over 65.

Brandy has the most fermented congeners. Congeners are difficult for the liver to break down, causing headaches.

3. Non-light beer

Light beers have less alcohol than full-strength brews. Light doesn't refer to the beer's colour; that golden-hued IPA might have double the alcohol of a black stout.

If you can't handle lighter foods, drink lots of water. Being well-hydrated when consuming alcohol is vital at any age, but crucial as you get older.

4. White wine

Healthy older folks can have a daily glass of wine, but avoid particular bottles.

Older persons should avoid wines rich in sulfites, which are natural and added compounds used to enhance wine's appearance, flavour, and shelf life.

5. Sweet drinks

Seniors with diabetes should avoid sweet alcoholic drinks and hard rums with sugary drinks.

The body transforms alcohol's carbs to glucose. Added sweets raise blood glucose levels beyond the control of insulin therapy.

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