The #1 Worst Juice for Weight Loss

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Juice is a pleasant method to get daily nutrients. Some juices are healthier than others.

We drink too much 100% fruit juice because we think it's healthy. All-natural grape juice is heavy in calories and natural sugar yet contains many vitamins and minerals.

Most sweet liquids include little fibre or protein, which might hinder weight loss. 1 cup of grape juice has 35 grammes of sugar.

Grape juice isn't the only drink that might trigger weight gain. Sugary beverages lead to weight gain and obesity.

Fructose, found in most fruits and fruit drinks, does not promote satiety. Drinking fruit juice without the fibre causes the sugar to reach the circulation faster than eating the fruit whole.

Fiber reduces the pace at which sugar enters your blood and delays digestion, making you feel fuller for longer. High-fiber diets aid weight reduction.

If you want a drink with less sugar and more fibre, consider V8 High-Fiber Vegetable Juice, or if you want something sweeter, eat your favourite fruit whole.

Fruit juices are healthy and include nutrients and antioxidants. If you're dieting, pair juice with avocado on whole grain toast or vegetables and hummus.

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