The #1 Order To Never Make At A Pizza Place

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The customer is always right—unless they're ordering a build-your-own pizza. Even pizza has a proper and a wrong way to be ordered.

As with seafood, burger, and steakhouse restaurants, there are inappropriate things to order at a pizza-centric restaurant, fast-casual or high-end.

The no-no consensus at pizza shops has more to do with personalization than with sustainability or cooking temperatures.

Any pizza place that puts thought and attention into its recipes will make a great pie with harmonising toppings, cheeses, and sauces.

By avoiding speciality pies or building your own, you risk losing out on the greatest menu offerings or ruining a well-made pizza with clashing toppings.

We asked America's greatest pizzaiolos what to avoid ordering, why appetisers are a horrible idea, and why you should trust the cook.

Any menu item that doesn't fit the concept should be avoided. Sweetbriar's chief chef Bryce Shuman says, "No crab cakes or pierogis. Always order the restaurant's specialty.

Follow the Romans' lead. Do as the Italians do when ordering pizza. According to Chicago's ROOF on theWit chef Michael Taus. "Non-Italian pizza ingredients shouldn't be ordered.

Khanh Nguyen, creator and CEO of Houston's Zalat Pizza, says customers should trust the chef to know what's best. "We buy the foods the chefs choose, not marketing," he explains.

While he admits these elements might be wonderful, a marketing team's odds of executing a product well are low. "We provide what tastes well and makes customers happy."

Some cooks advise avoiding pineapple and jalapeo pizza toppings. Ken Martin, co-owner of Connecticut's Colony Grill, says "the customer is always right" might be ill-advised.

"Pizza should be shared by everybody. We don't get pineapple. Fruit salad." Anchovies, however, are misunderstood. When coupled with spicy cherry peppers, they're salty and tasty.

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