Taco Bell Menu Brings Back Mexican Pizza

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Taco Bell Rewards members may get the Mexican Pizza today, and everyone else on Sept. 15. Bell tweets that Mexican Pizza is "back for good."

Dolly Parton will direct the previously shelved Mexican Pizza musical. TikTok Live will broadcast it Sept. 15 at 8 p.m. EST.

Most fascinating is the scepticism in these posts' comments. Taco Bell's actions won't matter in a few weeks, but for now, many are upset over the Mexican Pizza.

In 2018, it switched from polystyrene to polypropylene for cups and lids, made its bags recyclable, and promised to remove PFAs, phthalates, and BPA by 2025.

Taco Bell never addressed the reason the Mexican Pizza was removed from menus: the packaging.

The firm added, "Mexican Pizza packaging accounts for nearly 7 million pounds of paperboard each year in the U.S."

The item returned earlier this year in the same packaging (with an aesthetic makeover, naturally).

For its second reappearance, it's given another redesign, but no news on paperboard waste adjustments.

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