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Launching Exclusive Dessert Today

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Tex-latest Mex's summer dessert will leave fans wanting more.

Taco Bell unveiled a new dessert truffle in cooperation with Milk Bar today. Strawberry Bell Truffle is a bite-sized mini dessert using Taco Bell's Crunchy Taco shell and Milk Bar's truffles.

In one mouthful, you'll enjoy silky sweet corn fudge, creamy strawberry milk-soaked vanilla cake, and a sweet and salty crunchy coating.

Unfortunately, just one Taco Bell and two Milk Bar locations will try this delectable combo.

Customers may enjoy the truffle at Taco Bell's Orange County restaurant, 14042 Red Hill Avenue, and Milk Bar's Nomad and Melrose locations through August 16.

Strawberry Bell Truffle is our first large-scale mashup of its sort. This truffle is the result of a friendship-fueled innovation concept.

This isn't the first time Milk Bar and the fast-food giant have collaborated.

 In 2018, they delivered Dessert Nachos at a closed-door industry event.

This short test makes the dessert special, but the companies are open to future mashups.

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