Sushi Sold at Top Retailers Is Being Recalled

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Frozen Cooked, Peeled, and Deveined Shrimp

Avanti Frozen Foods expands a June 25 shrimp recall.

This recall expansion has been started out of an abundance of precaution and will cover a considerable volume of goods not related with any disease," the newest recall notice adds.

Shrimp Tempura Kabuki Roll Sold at Target

More than 15 Target stores in northern California are recalling Shrimp Tempura Kabuki Rolls from Mai Cuisine Inc.

Genji Pacific Sushi Sold at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is recalling sushi made with Avanti Frozen Foods' cocktail shrimp.

It includes Double shrimp BBQ rolls, Rainbow Sushi rolls, Shrimp California rolls, Tempura Kabuki rolls, and more.

Mai Franchising Sushi Sold at New Leaf Community Market

Mai Franchising Inc. recalls 103 cartons of Avanti Frozen Foods sushi over cocktail shrimp.

The goods were sold in five northern California New Leaf Community Market locations in early August.

 They feature "Hand-Crafted" and "Best By" dates of 8/12/2021 or 8/13/2021.

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