Subway Puts A Popular Taco Bell Deal On The Menu

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Subway has began offering subscriptions. Pete's Super Submarines, founded in Connecticut in 1965 as "Eat Fresh," has remained private.

The $15 Footlong Pass gives September customers 50% off full-size sandwiches.

On August 24, 10,000 persons will obtain the pass. To obtain it, join Subway's MyRewards programme.

Subway was famous in the 1990s and 2000s as a healthier alternative to fast food, but it has struggled since ex-spokesman Jared Fogle's collapse and the rise of fast casual.

In the recent year, the restaurant has also fought a lawsuit claiming its "100% tuna" label was deceptive and contained chicken, pig, and beef.

In a time of widespread food inflation, subscriptions and passes walk a tight edge.

Butter and margarine are 26% more costly than in August 2021, while lunch meats and bread are up 23.6% and 15.4%.

A pass can produce customers and profit if the economics are planned appropriately. Only 1% of those who bought a Taco Bell pass used it every day.

Customers with the pass visited Taco Bell three times more than without it. 20% of the passes we sell are to new consumers joining the Taco Bell rewards programme.

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