Subway Likely Closed Thousands of Locations

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Subway simplified its menu last year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Less is known about the chain's presence, including how many stores were permanently shuttered to cut costs.

Perhaps many businesses closed. Subway closed 10% of its restaurants, or 2,200 to 2,400 outlets.

Subway declined to say how many stores were affected. The chain said permanent closures were "lower" than expected.

"Subway does not release this information, but the amount you cited is not true," the business responded.

Temporary COVID closures reduce the amount of permanent closures in 2020.

Subway is the leading U.S. and global restaurant chain despite location closures.

In 2020, the corporation has 24,000 domestic and 41,000 global sites.

Subway's success has been predicated on an aggressive growth strategy, while mall and urban eateries have suffered from the epidemic.

The bulk of closed Subway restaurants have likely left these markets.

Burger Chain Increasingly Harder to Find

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