Starbucks Has Good News for Tesla

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Starbucks is aiming to equip its parking spaces to charge electric automobiles.

In March, the coffee company partnered with Volvo to install electric-vehicle charging stations in several of its parking lots.

Volvo electric car chargers, powered by ChargePoint, will be offered in up to 15 Starbucks outlets along a 1,350-mile stretch from the Colorado Rockies to Seattle.

The coffee giant has begun installing Chargepoint EV charging stations. The stations are 100 miles apart, allowing EV owners to charge without worrying where to stop.

"Starbucks is partnering with Volvo Cars to provide electric vehicle charging stations at shops. Up to 60 DC fast chargers will be

erected along I-90, I-84, and I-70 from Seattle to Denver "business said.

Starbucks in Provo, Utah, has built the first station; more will follow in future weeks.

Tesla (TSLA) has its own charging network. Tesla charges don't benefit Volvo, Rivian, Lucid, or other EV drivers.

Over 150,000 gas stations are in the U.S. If you drive a classic internal-combustion automobile, you seldom have to worry about refuelling.

EV owners must plan around charging stations. Often at petrol stations or rest spots.

Starbucks is a good place to install electric vehicle chargers because it can take 20 minutes to completely charge a car.

Starbucks has parking lots, and Volvo and ChargePoint require EVs. This might boost the feasibility of electric cars in the U.S.

This is only the beginning, but it might lead to a broader relationship.

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