Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

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If you're tired of standing over a hot stove frying hot wings, try this slow cooker recipe for buffalo-pulled chicken.

At events, we set up a topping bar with a variety of garnishes, and this crowd-pleaser is a 

smash whether it's served on fancy buns or plain ol' hamburger buns piled high.

You may add your favourite hot sauce, some whiskey, apple juice, or even flavoured sodas like cola or rootbeer to the pot for more flavour.

And if someone complains that it's not spicy enough, cayenne pepper will always be handy.

1. boneless chicken breasts
2. Cola or Dr.Pepper

You Will Need

3. Bourbon or apple juice
4. Hot sauce

5. Hard rolls
6. Garnish: more hot sauce, blue cheese, or ranch dressing

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