Secret Side Effects Of Being In Love

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Everyone who has experienced love knows it may evoke several feelings. Being in love can range from elation to sadness, apprehension, anger, or self-doubt.

Since love comes with its ups and downs, you may wonder what happens within your body when Cupid's arrow strikes. Science reveals love's secret side effects.

Love may boost your stress hormone, cortisol, which can decrease your immune system.

Falling in love triggers bodily reactions by releasing feel-good hormones.

This love potion makes you feel like Cupid's arrow hit your heart, making it race. You may experience sweaty palms and flushed cheeks. What's up?

Norepinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine levels soar when love bites. Dopamine causes explosions, emotions, and ecstasy.

Plus! Fixation increases serotonin when the love bug hits. We know nothing about this difficult issue.

Everyday living may strain a relationship. Too much strain... on romantic partners. They should be your best friend, lover, closest family, business partner, coparent, sports partner.

Couples must build their relationship over time. Each person should share and learn about their curiosity with their relationship.

Common interests and goals strengthen relationships. Looking into each other's eyes won't get you to 40 years.

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