Protein Shakes with the Lowest Quality Ingredients

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Too many added sugars

Protein smoothies with additional sugar are harmless, and post-workout sugar can aid muscles recover.

Many popular pre-made alternatives are filled with too much added sugar, which can produce a blood sugar rise and hinder weight reduction efforts.

Artificial sweeteners

Sucralose may reduce insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. It may raise blood sugar. Frontiers in Nutrition discovered sucralose can harm gut microbiota.

Special K Milk Chocolate Protein Shakes include less sugar than Bolthouse, but they're full of artificial flavourings and sweeteners, including sucralose.

High-fructose corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup should also be avoided. This maize-based sweetener is used in soft drinks and processed foods.

Studies link high fructose corn syrup to metabolic issues, weight gain, diabetes risk, and inflammation.

Hydrogenated oils

Many of our favourite drinks, including non-dairy milks, contain hydrogenated oils. These oils, most notably canola, are in SlimFast and Special K protein drinks.

Increased blood sugar, inflammation, and "bad" cholesterol have all been related to regular intake of hydrogenated oils.

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