Popular Starbucks Drink Is Just Recalled

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Six months after recalling 250,000 Double Shot Espresso beverages for "inadequate sealing," Starbucks is removing another product.

On September 9, PepsiCo Inc., which develops and distributes Starbucks products, recalled 221 cases of Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot beverages because they may contain metal pieces.

The recall affects 15-ounce bottles in 12-packs. The coffee beverages were available in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas, although retailers weren't named.

While the UPC code and expiration date haven't been released, the business asks consumers to return the drinks to their place of purchase.

Foodborne foreign objects that are hard and pointy can cause significant harm or tooth damage, says the website.

This recall, which began on August 15, was posted by the FDA on September 8. However, the agency hasn't published a press statement.

The Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot isn't the first Starbucks product eliminated this summer.

In June, the coffee giant stopped selling its Chicken, Maple Butter & Egg Sandwich because it "didn't fulfil quality requirements." The sandwich was national.

Five days after its rollout, the new sandwich was pulled after consumers and workers complained of food sickness.

The coffee business claimed, "The quality issue Starbucks uncovered would not lead to foodborne disease, and any stories attributing the cease sale to sickness are wrong."

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