Popular Retail Chain Is Closing Stores

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Despite favourable NRF news, retailers plan to shut doors next month. Many businesses have announced October shutdown.

CVS will close many shops on Oct. 5 as it continues to reduce its retail presence. A few days later, numerous supermarket shops will begin shutting, including an Indiana Kroger on Oct. 7.

The final Sears in New York will close on Oct. 16, Mid-Hudson News reports. Another famous store is closing in October.

According to sources, Best Buy will close two of its over 1,000 U.S. shops next month. A New York City Best Buy would close first.

A notice at the store between West 61st and 62nd Streets on Manhattan's Upper West Side alerts customers to the closure.

Both closing Two sources say Best Buy locations will close Oct. 29. Both locations have more terrible news. Manhattan consumers shouldn't anticipate any huge bargains due to the shutdown.

Riverbank's lone Best Buy is closing, and buyers shouldn't expect a replacement soon.

Best Buy CEO: "Sales are unequal." "We anticipated the consumer electronics sector to be weaker than last year after two years of high growth supported by

stimulus monies and robust demand for technology goods and services. Several reasons have hampered the macro environment, which has hampered our industry."

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