Popular Meatballs Is Selling By Costco

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Meatball and bulk deal lovers will soon have a new choice at Costco.

Beyond Meatballs are at certain Costco stores around the country, so plant-based meat may be the Christmas move.

Costco understands our supersized shopping habits. Pre-rolled, pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook meatballs are $9.99 for 24.

Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Sprouts, Harris Teeter, Kroger, and Albertsons sell them in 6-.99-packs.

Beyond Meat has nutritional advantages than red meat. Each meatball has 19g of plant protein but 30% less saturated fat, salt, hormones, antibiotics, and cholesterol.

Since 2019, Costco has sold plant-based burger patties. Beyond Meatballs are now accessible in club stores.

Beyond Meat is sold in 122,000 retail and foodservice establishments in 80 countries, including 28,000 in the U.S.

If you're wondering how to cook them, imagine meatballs. You may serve them with tomato sauce, in a sub, or Swedish-style with mashed potatoes and jam.

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