Popular Burger Chain Just Released A Juicy Burger

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BurgerFi, recognised for its high-quality ingredients, restaurant innovation, and fast-casual acclaim, has unveiled a new burger with a cheesy punch.

Starting today through September 19, BurgerFi will sell a new Juicy Lucy Burger, which features two natural Angus beef patties piled with white cheddar,

American, and Pepper Jack cheeses, sweet tomato relish, and BurgerFi's trademark Fi sauce, and served on a toasted potato bun.

According to the firm, the new burger is a "Jucy Lucy"—a cheese-stuffed burger originated in South Minneapolis in the 1950s.

Antibiotic-free Angus beef has earned BurgerFi a "A" in beef quality reports for three years.

BurgerFi is reimagining a fan favourite. Our new menu offerings offer greater variety and innovation for anyone who wants a better burger.

The $9.99 Juicy Lucy, created with Chef Cliff Pleau, may be bought in-store, online, or via BurgerFi's mobile app.

BurgerFi's limited-time burger isn't the only summer newsmaker. 17 of the fast-casual chain's 27 corporate-owned locations got self-service kiosks in June.

The new technology has given consumers more time to examine the menu, moved cashiers to dining rooms, and increased ticket amounts by 18.5%.

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