Pizza Hut Is Releasing Popular New Pizza

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Pizza Hut is embracing a new pizza trend. The chain just introduced a new Detroit-style pizza that's different from its others.

Detroit-style pizzas are thick, rectangular pies with a caramelised, crunchy crust. The sauce also covers the pie's cheese and garnishes.

This makes the crust light and delicate without bogging it down with sauceā€”a Sicilian trait of Detroit-style pie.

Pizza Hut spent a year crafting the new pizza, which went through 500 prototypes.

 The Hut designed an eight-phase vine-ripened tomato sauce for this pie.

Pizza Hut's CBO said, "Countless hours were spent testing and improving every element" This pizza's caramelised cheese crust and sauce elevate its flavour.

Pizza Hut offers four Detroit-style pizzas, including the Double Pepperoni with 80 pepperoni pieces. All four are available nationwide for $10.99 each.

Pizza Hut's new pizza will give Domino's and Papa John's a run for their money.

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