Papa John's Has a Bizarre New Menu Item

In 2019, 17 million people searched online for the "ketogenic" high-fat diet.

This might be due to celiac disease or other food allergies or a misunderstanding of nutrition.

At the gluten-free diet's height in 2013, 65% of Americans felt "gluten free" items were healthier.

Fast-food businesses have jumped on the carb-cutting trend. Chipotle (CMG) introduced the burrito bowl, which substitutes a salad for the tortilla.

The craze has crept into goods that some would rather leave alone.

Papa John's, whose owner was dismissed in 2018 for using racist insults, is releasing Papa Bowls, a casserole-style bowl of pizza toppings.

Papa John's has a new plan to compete with Domino's, Little Caesars, and Yum! Brands' Pizza Hut.

Papa Bowls are $7.99 nationwide as of August 22. (exact price may vary slightly due to local cost of ingredients). Italian Meat Trio, Chicken Alfredo, and Garden Veggie tastes.

Papa Bowls are a new menu category that showcases our premium ingredients. Our unique crust is a delight, but clients sometimes want something different.

Pizza Hut's South Korean restaurant had a bowl-shaped crust, but it was filled with contents.

Back home, big businesses have preserved *some* form of crust to protect ingredients from mingling. Usually, this is the cauliflower pizza crust popular with low-carb dieters.

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