Our 20 all-time favorite comfort foods

As a child, chicken noodle soup was the go-to when sick, which explains the positive feelings associated with it. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is a series of comforting inspirational books. According to studies, chicken soup does ease nasal congestion and inflammation.

Chicken noodle soup

Remember "The Office" when Jim said Michael ate a family-sized chicken pot pie for lunch and fell asleep? Chicken pot pie is a hot, hearty, self-contained meal that hits the spot after a long work day (or during a lazy weekend).

Chicken pot pie

As a child, you might eat dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, then regular nuggets, then chicken tenders, chicken wings, and fried chicken. Even as an adult, it's acceptable to order chicken tenders and fries, which is comforting. Sauces are key.

Chicken tenders

Chili can be customised to individual tastes. It can be mild or spicy; made with beef, pork, turkey, or meatless; and the bean options are open-ended. It's good over spaghetti. In some Southern and Midwestern states, chilli is a way of life.


Think of your favourite baked dessert. Chocolate chip cookies are the answer. Chocolate chip cookies are classic. It's one of the first cookies most kids try and learn to make. It's never been easier to make chocolate chip cookies at home, thanks to the internet, prepackaged mixes, and break-and-bake brands.

Chocolate chip cookies

In season 4 of "The Simpsons," Homer sleeps in and says, "I'm a big toasty cinnamon bun." The covers are curled and swirled around him like a warm breakfast pastry, but cinnamon buns also evoke comfort and indulgence. After eating one, you'll want to nap.

Cinnamon buns

Cornbread is a Southern staple, but Native Americans ate it first. Cornmeal-based comfort foods aren't limited to cornbread. Southerners enjoy corn pone, hushpuppies, and johnnycakes.


Fries are unhealthy. There are healthier ways to eat potatoes than deep frying, salting, and dipping in fatty, sugary, or salty sauces. Fries are one of the tastiest foods on Earth, so treat yo' self once in a while...even as chilli cheese fries with bacon or poutine.


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