Orion Cosce First UFC Win Over Blood Diamond

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One fighter missed weight for a UFC 277 welterweight match on Saturday. Orion Cosce was 1.5 pounds overweight for his bout with "Blood Diamond" Mike Mathetha, requiring a catchweight.

Both Cosce and Blood Diamond were searching for their first UFC win.

After touching gloves, both combatants took centre. Blood Diamond's low kick was followed by Cosce's high kick. Blood Diamond kicked and blocked Cosce's hook.

Diamond stopped Cosce's takedown. Cosce pinned Diamond. Diamond reversed Cosce after two minutes. Diamond escaped Cosce's trip takedown.

Cosce got another takedown and held him in side control. Diamond stood up with a minute left. Cosce did little with his belly-to-back suplex.

Blood Diamond kicked off round two. Cosce clinched after 30 seconds of Blood Diamond's strike. Cosce backed Blood Diamond. They reversed after 20 seconds.

Cosce landed a clinch elbow in the second. Blood Diamond broke free and body kicked. Two minutes left, both men looked exhausted. Blood Diamond punched and kicked Cosce.

On the break, Diamond delivered a spinning back punch that wounded Cosce. Diamond clinched Cosce. Blood Diamond kneed Cosce and proceeded to attack him.

Both combatants were slow in round three. Blood Diamond countered Cosce's jab. Cosce pinned Diamond and took him down.

Cosce leaped on Blood Diamond's back with 3 minutes left. They'd retreat. Diamond defended Cosce's arm triangle. Cosce won by controlling Blood Diamond.

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