Northeast heatwave sets records

Several Northeast cities hit record highs on Sunday as a nationwide heat wave peaked. 

At 3 p.m., Newark hit 101 degrees, breaking the 2010 record of 99 degrees for July 24.

Fifth day in a row of 100+ degrees in the city. Boston reached 100 degrees, breaking the 1933 record of 98. 

As of Sunday afternoon, New York City had not surpassed its July 24 record of 97 degrees. 

Providence, R.I., reached 97 degrees, topping its 1987 record of 94 degrees, while Reading, Pa., also reached 97 degrees, according to the Weather Service.

As a heat wave lasted several days, officials around the country prepared. 

Athletes who prepared for months missed the Boston Triathlon, which was postponed due to heat, or ran for less time in the New York City Triathlon.

NYC, Boston, & Philly opened cooling centres. Heat-related deaths were reported or suspected in New York, Arizona, Texas, South Dakota, & Missouri.

About 71 million people across the country were in dangerously hot locations on Sunday. 

The heat index combines humidity & temperature to assess outdoor heat. Large parts of the Midwest, including Kansas, Missouri, & Oklahoma, & Southern California saw extreme heat. 

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