MrBeast Burger Restaurant Broken A World Record

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In 2012, Jimmy Donaldson, who was born in North Carolina and raised there, established himself on YouTube as a philanthropist. 

Since that time, he has given lavish presents to a diverse range of individuals and organisations. These presents include anything from private islands to automobiles and wads of cash.

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, when millions of people were without jobs, Donaldson donated more than one million dollars' worth of food and other supplies to food banks.

More than 104 million people are currently subscribed to Donaldson's channel, which is where he coordinates his remarkable giveaways and makes donations to a variety of charitable organisations.

MrBeast is a prominent YouTuber, but one of his most successful ventures was joining the food service industry.

This was accomplished through a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, which resulted in the creation of a virtual restaurant known as MrBeast Burger.

According to the MrBeast Burger website, the restaurant first began offering solely delivery services in the year 2020, and it can now be found in thousands of locations. 

The activity takes place in kitchens that already exist within restaurants that are looking for additional sources of revenue. These facilities are sometimes referred to as "ghost kitchens."

Customers can make their orders using an app, such as the Mr. Beast Burger app or another app that provides a delivery service, and then a delivery person will bring the food to the customers' homes.

After the grand opening of the MrBeast Burger restaurant, Donaldson made the claim on Twitter that the establishment had broken the record for "most burgers sold in a day by a single restaurant."

The claim that Donaldson made was met with scepticism from a number of people, including Guinness World Records, which responded to the tweet by saying, "Show us proof."

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