Most Sympathetic Zodiac Sign

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The most sensitive zodiac sign is also the most compassionate. Moon-ruled, the comfort-seeking crab is in sync with their divine feminine.


Before you're upset, Pisces will inquire what's wrong. This thoughtful gesture brings love and comfort to friends and family.


Taurus' stubbornness is viewed negatively. This makes them empathetic. Their intense loyalty means they create a loving environment.

They're only happy when others are peaceful, thus they're happy to help others relax.


Virgos are supportive problem-solvers. Virgos are the practical healers of the zodiac.


Libras like to keep everyone pleased, therefore they're skilled at controlling situations.

Libra isn't recognised for its sensitivity, but for justice and peacekeeping. If you've been wronged, they'll give an ear and fight your battles for you.


Aquarians aren't always compassionate. They don't exhibit "cute and cuddly vibes like a Cancer or Pisces," but that doesn't imply they're aloof.

Best Qualities of All Zodiac Signs

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