Meet America's favourite midsize dog

Some dogs may be man's best friend. There are several factors to consider when choosing a dog for your family. Location, schedule, budget, family dynamics, and ideal pup personality.

 Entlebucher mountain dogs

Entles are loyal and energetic, and they're happiest when they have a job (or, in this case, paw). Entles are natural problem-solvers and herded livestock in the Swiss Alps. Entles are hardworking, loving, protective, and playful.

Spaniels (field)

Field spaniels have a warm spirit and variable energy levels. They're calm, docile, and shy around strangers. Field spaniels are excellent family dogs once socialised and comfortable. Their kindness and playfulness make them great with kids.

Berger Picards

Berger Picards are energetic, strong, and strategic herding dogs, but they're also lighthearted. Good-natured and affectionate, these dogs can be stubborn, so train them early. Berger Picards can become destructive if not active enough.

Spaniels (Welsh springer)

Welshies are among the oldest British sporting breeds. These red-and-white dogs were bred to help hunters find rabbits and pheasants. Welshies are strong and agile hunters, but kind, loyal, and gentle family pets.

Bearded collies

Beardie, or bearded collie, is a fun-loving, high-energy dog that excels at herding. Beardies are known for being independent and stubborn, so training them can take time. Once trained and socialised, these dogs are good with families and active children.


The rambunctious flat-coated retriever, or flat-coat, was originally a dual-purpose receiver. Flat-coated retrievers are energetic and need a lot of exercise, but they're easy to train and eager to please, making them great pets. Flat-coats are known as the Peter Pan of dog breeds because they mature slowly and stay puppy-like for longer.

Standard schnauzers

Standard schnauzers were originally bred as ratters, guard dogs, and farm dogs in Germany. These dignified dogs, which can be all black or salt-and-pepper, are protective and alert. Standard schnauzers are smart and easy to train if you're firm. These dogs aren't sensitive, so training should be gentle but structured.


The small Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever has boundless energy, which helped it lure and retrieve waterfowl. As household dogs, tollers need time and energy to keep up with them. Tollers hike, hunt, and swim. While they get along well with kids and other dogs, their hunting instincts may take over with cats.

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