McDonald's Will Be Offering These Items Next Week

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Long summer. Back-to-school season is coming, and McDonald's wants to help you celebrate.

What's cooking? Mickey D's discounts to keep you coming back every day. Extra credit is available.

Monday, August 15 kicks off Syllabus Week with $1.01 McChickens. Tuesday: Chicken or Sausage McGriddle and Large Coffee for $2.01; Wednesday: McNuggets for $3.01.

McDonald's Big Mac and Medium Fries are $4.01 to end the week.

The deal is on McDonald's app only. If you use all four discounts, you'll receive double McDonald's Rewards bonus points on your next order between August 22 and 31.

McDonald's plans digital promotions (like this one) and will move away from the same countrywide discount menu, which will soon vary by location.

CEO Chris Kempczinski remarked on a July 26 results conference, "Think about value strategically." "Various digital goods have different elasticities in different regions."

The burger company aims to tweak the consumer experience and pass price to franchisees, which will make value options seem different across the U.S.

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