McDonald's Sued for Chicken Nugget Injury

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A Florida man is suing McDonald's for an injury he sustained from eating Chicken McNuggets.

Oops! That's right. Alexei Stolfat of Palm Beach, Florida sued McDonald's last week for a Chicken McNugget injury.

Stolfat's teeth hit something hard as he ate an Uber Eats nugget in May. In his case, he described "unbearable jaw discomfort."

What did Stolfat find in a nugget that appeared soft? He photographed a 0.8-inch bone from his mouth. 

A few days later, he went to the dentist with a headache and toothache and discovered two microcracks.

Stolfat estimates it would take him a half year to replace his missing teeth without dental insurance.

He's not only suing McDonald's for his dental expenses, though. He wants $1.1 million and all Chicken McNuggets recalled.

Stolfat plans to give the remaining money. "I'm not seeking fame," he told Today. "I want to aid, protect, and warn others about McNuggets."

McDonald's responded to the claim in a statement shared that said the company is "looking into the complaint."

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