McDonald's Is Closing Its Most Controversial Location

Depending on the locale, entering a McDonald's might seem unreal.

The West Third Street and Sixth Avenue McDonald's in New York City is one such site. The place is closed forever owing to the pandemic's damage.

McDonald's customers were as likely to watch a spectacle as they were to get a burger and fries late at night.

TimeOut calls it a "enter-at-your-own-risk bazaar of fried food, audacious rodents, and vintage weapons"

New Yorkers have flocked to Twitter to grieve the demise of the iconic Golden Arches restaurant, sharing accounts of humorous, terrifying, and delicious encounters.

The venue may appear familiar even if you've never eaten here: Adam Sandler famously yelled "Will anyone fetch the kid a happy meal?" in Big Daddy.

Manhattan location R.I.P. McDonald's will live on at its other locations, and it's introducing new menu items next month. See the chain's 2020 controversies for additional news.

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