McDonald's Halloween Pails Will Be Back In a Few Days

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McDonald's legendary Halloween Pails will return to U.S. stores this autumn, despite weeks of speculation.

The chain's Halloween Happy Meals will be available from October 18 through October 31, or while supplies last. If you want one, don't wait till the afterlife.

McDonald's Halloween Pails were popular among '80s and '90s youngsters and teens. They vanished from Halloween ephemera 20 years later.

Since the Pails' introduction, several variants have come and gone, but none have connected with consumers like the original. Why is this news so exciting?

In the late 1980s, all three were orange, but by the early 1990s, McBoo was white, McGoblin was green, and McPunk'n remained orange.

Halloween Pails were designed for trick-or-treating. McDonald's and its fans used the bucket in imaginative ways for Halloween (and beyond.)

If you're not trick-or-treating this year, a Halloween Pail from McDonald's might be a fun addition.

Fashion TikToker @saracampz shared a few interesting, creepy ideas to add a Halloween Pail.

Who says Halloween pails need candy? TikToker @laurdiy shows how to make a plant hanger with Halloween Pails, twine, and inventiveness.

McDonald's Halloween Pails may help you create a creepy playlist. @sidclusive utilised his pails as a drum set.

Your inventiveness limits Halloween Pail inventions. @beatsbyjblack produced a beat using Halloween pails, spoons, a rubber band, and ice.

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