McDonald's Brings Back a Popular Item

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This burger was so well received by McDonald's customers that it's making a return engagement.

Many fast food restaurants try out new items on the menu in a variety of methods.

One includes testing new products at a limited number of "test restaurants" to discover if they're worth launching nationally. 

This is excellent for those who reside near those establishments, but a disappointment for the rest of us (Taco Bell's short-lived Cheez-It Tostada being a prime example).

People respond when something they love is taken away — or if it comes back for a limited period, as Yum Brands realised when it pulled the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell's menu after 35 years.

So it's no surprise that McDonald's (MCD) - Get McDonald's Corporation Report is bringing back a popular burger.

McDonald's Japan released a premium burger in April. Single and double patty Samurai Macs are topped with cheddar cheese, onions, and soy-flavored teriyaki sauce.

The Triple Samurai adds a third beef patty, making it a formidable supper choice. After its initial limited run, buyers were disappointed to see the 640-yen ($5.21) choice disappear.

It'll return on August 24, but just for two weeks.

Since consumers liked the burger, another variation is back for two weeks.

It's a BLT-style sandwich with one beef patty and costs $3.56. If you ask gently, McDonald's may add additional for an upcharge.

Some McDonald's test items don't make it (RIP McPlant), while others are definite bets. 

The Warrior Mac sells well in Japan, perhaps because award-winning actor Masato Sakai appears in its ads as a gorgeous samurai.

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