Major Company Is Under Fire for Mislabeling Turkeys

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A coalition of advocacy organisations has filed a complaint with the FTC saying that Cargill makes "false and deceptive representations

regarding its turkey products" and "routinely abuses" contract farmers and slaughterhouse employees.

The lawsuit contends that Cargill's Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White turkeys are not farmed by "independent family farmers"

Cargill is a large "agribusiness powerhouse." Cargill, established in 1865 and employing 186,000 people, is the second-largest privately owned firm in the U.S.

The suit claims Cargill misleads customers about "family-farm goods." Cargill "makes many claims that cause customers to assume the turkeys utilised in its

products are farmed by 'independent family farmers,'" according to the "suit demanding action to restrain the distribution of misleading or deceptive advertising by Cargill, Inc."

"Cargill's 'independent family farmers' narrative implies goods help workers, animals, and the environment," he adds.

"Contrary to Cargill's assertions that it delivers'sustainable' goods, it's one of the country's major pollutants," the lawsuit says.

Vice President of Family Farm Action Alliance claimed corporation "Mistreats contract turkey producers, slaughterhouse employees, animals, and land.

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