Lowest Quality Protein You Can Eat

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Anyone who knows how vital protein is for the body wants to eat enough of it. New study reveals one protein source may not be the best.

Researchers developed imitation chicken utilising soybean concentrate, wheat gluten, and 24% protein.

The study discovered that human cells didn't absorb protein from plant-based "meat clumps" as well as from ordinary chicken.

Human intestinal epithelial cells absorb digested proteins. Proteins digest into peptides. Size and polarity affect peptide absorption.

Plant-based meat peptides are bigger [and less water soluble] than chicken peptides, making absorption less efficient.

Unlike animal proteins, plant proteins lack necessary amino acids for anabolic muscle development.

 Complete proteins with all necessary amino acids are better for the body.

There are plant-based diets that supply all required amino acids, including whole grains, beans, nuts, and vegetables.

Plant-based proteins can help extend the variety of amino acids taken. Almonds, edamame, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and pseudo-cereals like quinoa and buckwheat.

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